Melha Shriners Feztival of Trees

Sponsor A Tree

Photo by Bert Krasner

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Melha Feztival of Trees Guidelines

  • All trees must be new artificial trees in the original box.
  • Trees may be any size, but smaller trees may have to be elevated to be enjoyed and may require additional set ups.
  • We reserve the right to display small or miniature trees where we can fit them in.
  • We suggest floor trees of four feet and up. The taller ones are the most impressive.
  • Trees must be properly secured for free standing. A good solid stand will provide the best stability.
  • A skirting or stand covered with cotton batting is recommended. Items placed at the bottom, or on the skirting, will be considered part of the tree and will be given away, unless otherwise noted.
  • Although it is not mandatory, white lights seem to be the most pleasant to the eye. You must provide your own new extension cord which should be UL rated and meet standard electrical codes.
  • You need to select a theme of your choice to be displayed under your Company or Group name on both your sign and raffle ticket box. The theme may represent your business, areas of interest, the holidays, or any other theme that you would be proud to have your business or group associated with.
  • The winner of your tree will be drawn from your raffle container at the close of the Feztival.
  • Empty boxes decorated as Christmas gifts and placed under the tree must be labeled “For Display Purposes Only” on the package.